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Details IM-Not-Crazy-Just-Bipolar

I'm Not Crazy Just Bipolar An informative yet humorous look at life with manic-depressive illness. Full description

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Details Manic-Depressive-Illness-Bipolar-Disorders-and-Recurrent-Depression

Bipolar Disorders and Recurrent DepressionGebundenes BuchOriginally published in 1990,Manic-Depressive Illness was the first book to comprehensively survey the massive body of clinical evidence on bipolar disorder collected over the past several ...

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Details The-Wiley-Concise-Guides-to-Mental-Health-Bipolar-Disorder

The Wiley Concise Guides to Mental Health: Bipolar Disorder uses clear, highly accessible language to comprehensively guide the reader through the entire spectrum of bipolar and related disorders. This concise, informative reference provides a ...

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Details Who-Are-the-Victims-A-Bipolar-Quandary

A Bipolar Quandary tells a very personal story about several lives who were affected by this disorder. The story is told by the daughter, Liz, about living with a bipolar mother, about painful decisions and scenarios encountered by the family while ...

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Details Bipolar-Disorder-Demystified-Mastering-the-Tightrope-of-Manic-Depression

Each year, at least 2.3 million Americans suffer from severe bipolar disorder (manic depression), a brain disorder characterized by intense high and low moods, while an estimated 10--13 million others suffer from its milder forms. In Bipolar Disorder ...

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Details Chaos-to-Cured-The-True-Story-of-Defeating-Bipolar-Disorder

[ Chaos to Cured: The True Story of Defeating Bipolar Disorder Miller, Kirk Patrick ( Author ) ] { Hardcover } 2013

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Details Kognitiv-psychoedukative-Therapie-bei-bipolaren-Erkrankungen-Ein-Therapiemanual-Therapeutische-Praxis

Ein TherapiemanualBroschiertes BuchPatienten mit bipolaren Erkrankungen wurden bislang hauptsächlich psychopharmakologisch behandelt, jedoch setzen sich zunehmend kombinierte Behandlungsverfahren durch. Ziel des Buches ist es, Therapeuten darin zu ...